Anushka (Elsa) Verghese – Leading Lady Entrepreneurs of Southeast Asia

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TechNode Global has put together a list of 50 top emerging women led startups in Southeast Asia. Anushka (Elsa) Verghese, w/o John Gonsalves (KCA Member) and Daughter in Law of Brig Gerald (Ex KCA President) and Christine Gonsalves is listed 20th in this prestigious list. She is the co founder of ‘Smarten Spaces’ which is an end to end Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform rated amongst the first three in the USA. She too has an Army background as her father is Col John Verghese. After an illustrious student career, she joined CISCO, where she rose to higher echelons of R&D. Soon she set out on her own together with her co-worker to establish their new firm. Though still very young, she has taken the company to great heights by her dedication, intelligence and hard work, and she is destined for greater achievements in the future.