Olga D’Costa

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A mind set on winning, and a practice in agility. It probably describes what won Olga D’Costa the game at the World Badminton Championship at Spain, where she represented India in the 75+ category. In a remarkable display of grit and talent, she went on to win a bronze medal.

At 79, Olga demonstrated that age cannot diminish the power of an agile mind, and its potential to reach great heights. Her single-minded focus to take on the challenge, helped her brave all odds posed in the COVID-struck world. Travelling to Spain, she made diligent preparations to compete with participants from across the world. Olga’s dedication and enthusiasm made her a strong contender at the event.

The passion for sport grew in Jabalpur, MP, where as a young girl Olga swam, played hockey, badminton, and table tennis. Badminton became her passion. She represented Jabalpur University and the state of Madhya Pradesh at the National level. After moving to Bangalore she won two golds in the 35+ category in the year 1984 at the Chandrapur Nationals. She then stopped competitive badminton and pursued another passion – teaching. She was a professor at a Bangalore college for 15 years. After retirement it was back to badminton. She won two prestigious gold medals in a National Badminton tournament. One in singles 75+ category and another in women’s doubles 70 + category, at the “All India Masters Ranking Badminton Tournament 2021”.
It’s a matter of great pride that Olga D’Costa was selected to represent India three times consecutively: In 2017 International tournament in Kochi; In 2019 in Poland; and in 2021 in Spain. This event is held every two years.

Olga’s youthful spirit, and remarkable win has made her popular across digital media, with several WhatsApp exchanges, and other social media handles sharing her story. Winning waves!